EXALT x Nike Collab

EXALT X NIKE Collaborate to Celebrate the Iconic Brands 50th Anniversary

Charlie and Dan Wilson-Vaughan, are two fitness-focused entrepreneurs who found eating nutritious, healthy meals whilst balancing everything else a daily grind that was becoming both unhealthy and unattainable.

In the winter of  2019 they decided to change everything. They left behind their comfortable office jobs, and headed to a little kitchen in Hackney.  It was there that they began to develop something that would make the daily grind of “work – working out – resting + repeat” all the more manageable.  With the help of expert nutritionists and dieticians Ro Huntriss and Alex Cook, EXALT was born.

EXALT, produce fresh protein smoothies and supercharge pressed juices, handcrafted in London from luxury ingredients with no preservatives and boosted with natural supplements.   It is a science-backed diet plan that’s sustainable for both you and the planet, unlike the mass-produced alternatives on the market.

It is these core values and principles that attracted the attention of global sporting giant Nike.  The iconic and revolutionary brand celebrate their 50th anniversary this year and they have collaborated with EXALT  to create the Nike fresh protein shake & cold-pressed green juice.

We caught up with EXALT founders Charlie and Dan Wilson-Vaughan who told of their excitement to be working with Nike and what else is in store for this year ahead.

Charlie and Dan Wilson-Vaughan, founders of EXALT

How did the collaboration with Nike come about?

One of our long term customers works at Nike and loves the product so she shouted about us and thus the partnership was born!

How special is it for Exalt to be involved with a brand such as Nike especially as it celebrates it 50th anniversary?

It is an absolute honour to be working with such an innovative and world-renowned brand on such a special occasion. We are proud to have a product that aligns with Nike’s ethos and its audience.

You’ve created an exclusive Nike x EXALT drink for their 50th anniversary.  How do people get their hands on it?

EXALT has created a fresh protein shake and a cold pressed green juice to celebrate the occasion.   Our protein shake includes, organic, vanilla whey protein with, oats, almonds and banana. Our cold pressed green juice contains, spinach, kale, kiwi, apple, mint and ginger.

EXALT X NIKE: We Are Never Done.

It will be available at Nike 50th member-only events (including product drops, challenges and experiences) at Nike Town on Oxford Street 🤩Sound good? You can involved by signing up to the Nike members club!

What other exciting plans do Exalt have in store this year?

We are always working on new and exciting events and partnerships with like-minded brands. We are continuing our events with Nike throughout the summer which include some outdoor events as well as in store.

We also have collaborations with Sweaty Betty and Lululemon and even have a very exciting professional partnership with a North London premier league Football Club (sadly cannot name which just yet but stay tuned!) working closely with a sports nutritionist.

We can also be found at all sorts of upcoming health and wellness events throughout the summer. Basically we are everywhere – come find us!

What is it that makes Exalt so Unique?

Exalt’s products are grounded in science and performance-based nutrition. We wanted to create a nutritious and convenient option that tastes great and most important of all, is fresh! In order to achieve this we have worked with our clinical dietitian and lead nutritionist, sports and endurance dietician, fitness specialist, sustainability consultant, holistic wellness guru, yoga and movement expert, and last but not at all least, our amazing taste partners

With summer on the horizon what Exalt health tips can you suggest to our readers?

Find products you love (ours obviously), because healthy eating and healthy living does not have to be boring. And the best way to stick to a plan or a diet is to make it one you actually enjoy!