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Five Feel Good Subscriptions for 2022

An exciting way to kickstart the next 12 months.


The turn of the year is always a time for self-reflection. While many of us will use this time as a turning point to bring in some much-needed changes in our habits starting immediately, others like to use this time of year to plan ahead.

Whether you’re a strict resolution maker who is looking to make some stark changes, or are just looking for an easy way to treat yourself throughout the year, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve rounded up some of the best subscription boxes to make you feel good in yourself this year. We’ve got subscriptions that are perfect for him, for her and some that are suited to everyone.


Feel the burn at home with Digme Fitness.

Digme Fitness


A common goal when setting out the new year is to drop some of the festive pounds. While the gyms have reopened, joining them and working out in public might still not be suited to everyone.

Digme Fitness has the solution: home workouts and exercise bikes. Their team of expert professional trainers have recorded a back catalogue with hours of on-demand classes, as well as hosting over 100 online live classes every week.

Everything from HIIT to yoga to strength and conditioning is covered. You can also opt to rent or buy their at-home exercise bike, diversifying your home workout and creating a gym in your own sitting room.

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A sample of what’s included in a month’s Treat Trunk box.

Treat Trunk


Looking at eating a little healthier this year? Choosing to eat well doesn’t mean dropping all the snacks that you enjoy.

Treak Trunk is a sustainable, vegan delivery service that drops delicious snacks at your door once a month. Stock up the cupboards with healthy alternatives curated from some of the best up-and-coming producers in the country.

Devised by a health-conscious mother who wanted her kids to eat well and still enjoy their food, this is a subscription service suited to the entire family.

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Discreet and professional men’s health subscription from Numan.



Numan healthcare for men is an online subscription service that provides digital healthcare for a range of ailments.

Erectile dysfunction, hair loss, supplements, blood testing and more. Numan specialises in the areas of health that aren’t always easy to visit a doctor about, and ones that affect a huge number of men.

If this is the year when you’re looking to make some healthy changes to some new-found issues, Numan might be the discreet subscription worth exploring.

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A typical subscription box from The Personal Barber, minus the premium razor.

The Personal Barber


Beards and facial hair have made an unexpected and overwhelming resurgence in recent years. From the full beard to the moustache, the latest trend is a bit of facial fuzz.

So, it’s only right that men would want the best premium option for taming their facial hair. The Personal Barber is a monthly subscription box that includes the best shaving options for the luxury shaver.

A sturdy razor with new blades sent to your door, plus shaving creams and balms that will leave you feeling fresh and using the best organic options on the market.

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Wellness bundles delivered to your door thanks to Natural Wellness Box.

Natural Wellness Box


For those that want to indulge in some self-care and wellness but aren’t sure where to start, the Natural Wellness Box is an interesting way to enjoy some of the best wellness products on the market.

Curated by a well-informed team of experts, Natural Wellness Box brings together a unique collection on a bi-monthly basis. Every box contains a varying collection of goodies, enough to enjoy across the ensuing eight-week period

Featuring bathing products, health and nutrition, fragrances and scents for the home, supplements and more. It’s always a deal designed to let you sample the best names on the market, feel good about yourself and always make a saving while doing so.

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