Journal Magazine Awards 2021

Journal Magazine is excited to announce the launch of our inaugural Journal Awards in 2021. Presenting the best in independent business, the awards are designed to showcase small and unique brands and business owners to our readers and beyond.  

After a difficult couple of years with unprecedented challenges served up by the Covid-19 pandemic, now is the time to give back and celebrate the businesses which are thriving.  

Consumers are more discerning with how they spend their money and want to know that the experiences they purchase are sustainable, local, fair and suitable for all. People want to know that the money they contribute is helping the business owner, their families and chosen charities as opposed to funding large conglomerates. The Journal Awards will highlight the best in these brands.  

Format and Entry 

Nominations are open until 31st August 2021. Entry is absolutely free and the shortlist are then decided by our expert judging panel.

Once the shortlist is announced, the winner will be chosen by the business with the highest number of votes received on the Journal Magazine website. 

Is Your Business Eligible?  

Eligible businesses will fall within one or more of the categories below. There is no limit to the number of categories your business can be represented in.  


  • Startup Star – the best businesses founded since the beginning of 2020.   
  • Custom Creator – the best in bespoke, one-of-a-kind products.   
  • Family Friendly – the best in experiences designed for all ages.   
  • Accessibility – the best businesses ensuring their experiences are open to all abilities.  
  • Breaking New Ground – the best businesses with pioneering leaders in non-traditional spaces.   
  • British Made – the best businesses from our own shores.   
  • Culture Fusion – the best businesses blending multiple identities, cultures and practices.   
  • Going for Green – the best sustainable brands.   
  • Plant Pioneer/s – the best Vegan products and experiences.   
  • Off The Beaten Path – the best in rural, non-city based experiences.   
  • Unique Gifting – the best gifting experiences.   
  • The Great Outdoors – the best outdoors-based businesses.    

The winner of each category will then be entered into the ‘Independent Innovator’ award, with the business receiving the highest number of votes being crowned the winner.   


All category winners will receive a dedicated multi-channel feature across Journal Magazine and its social channels, highlighting the brand. They will also receive assets for using on their own channels. 

The overall winner will receive a further promotional content package (including advertising, sponsored stories, podcast sponsorship, and social media takeovers worth more than £20,000, which will give 12-months of brand-building exposure throughout the year. 

Judging Process 

The initial judging process is completed by a team of industry-specific experts. These judges are involved in hand-picking and curating experiences from each of the industries and will judge the suitability of entrants to each category.  

We want to showcase the best in independent business. For this reason, our judges are only in place to judge the relevance of each entrant, and businesses would only be restricted from entry if they are deemed unsuitable to the specific category (in which case an alternative will be found wherever possible), or if the business values are not in keeping with those of the Journal Awards.  

How do I nominate a business? 

Use the form below to tell us who you would like to nominate for the Journal Magazine Awards and why you think they should win.


Nominations are now closed.