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New Year Traditions from Around the World

Celebrate various cultural New Year traditions from across the globe.


New Year is a time to celebrate with family, friends and loved ones. But how do we choose to celebrate? Many countries and cultures hold different beliefs and superstitions about this time of year which heavily influence their traditions and how they celebrate.

In partnership with Mór, we decided to round up some of our favourite traditions and explore how effectively you can take part, while also experiencing something luxurious from an independent brand.



A dram to welcome in the new year.

Tradition: First Footing

First up, it’s our own native land. In Scotland, New Year’s Eve has a special title of Hogmanay, which has stuck around since the time of Old Scots (with the definition differing very little from the festivities that take place).

The First Foot tradition centres around the first person to enter the house threshold after the new year’s bells. While it was once focusing on a visitor, people will often instead ask one party guest to leave before the bells only to return moments after they have struck bearing gifts.

Traditionally, this guest would arrive with bread, salt, a coin, some coal and a dram of whisky; however, in recent times, this has been streamlined to include just the latter.


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Italy and Brazil


Tradition: Choosing Specific Underwear

Italian and Brazilian traditions are a little cheekier than most. Brazilian traditions involve many things, such as jumping in the water and wearing white, but there is one they have in common with the Italians.

Both nations believe prosperity in the coming 12 months can be attributed to the choice of underwear you wear to celebrate new year. Italians opt for red in the hope of providing good luck, while Brazilians have a few choices depending on what they want from the next year, including:

White for peace and harmony.

Blue for friendship.

Yellow for money and good fortune.

Pink for love.

Red for passion.

Orange for professional success.

Green for health.

Purple for inspiration.


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While lingerie is probably not the optimal option for running into the sea in Brazil, it may be for someone looking to bring in the new year with a new set that will last. Kick 2022 off in style and glamour.



Celebrating in the Danish fashion.

Tradition: Smashing Plates

Danish tradition involves a bit of damage and a bit of a clean-up afterwards, all in the spirit of fun and friendship. To welcome in the new year, Danes will go around and break China plates against the door of their friends and loved ones as a sign of friendship and love.

While we would not necessarily condone doing this in the UK without forewarning (imagine the confusion on your neighbours’ faces as they open the door to a pile of rubble?), it’s one that we find fascinating and fun.


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When this practice is carried out in Denmark, they cleverly use chipped or broken plates to minimise wasting good China. Again, we would not condone buying in luxury products with the sole purpose of smashing them; however, now might be the perfect time for an upgrade.

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Tradition: Pouring Metal Lit by Candle

One of many German new year customs is to heat a little piece of lead or tin in a spoon held over a small flame, traditionally a candle. Once melted, the lead is then quickly dropped into cold water and the strange shapes it takes supposedly reveal what the new year will bring.

Bleigiessen, as it is called, now usually consists of burning another material as using lead was banned (for obvious safety concerns).


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While we are not suggesting you use any of our vendors’ candles to burn metals in your home, there is no reason you can’t invest in a gorgeous aroma at this time of year.

Heating and Plumbing has created their gorgeous Epicurean candle range, designed for people who enjoy life to the fullest. Each candle is made with luxurious ingredients, creating unique and distinctive fragrances. Their candles also use Cognac, a rare ingredient in candle making, which ensures a richness which will fill the home with a warming aroma.



Get your bags ready if you’re having a traditional Colombian new year.

Tradition: Carry an Empty Suitcase

For the adventurous type, this one is a tradition you may want to adopt. In Colombia, it is common to have your empty suitcase ready at midnight. Then, you carry it around the block once the midnight bells ring.

This tradition supposedly guarantees a year filled with travel and adventure. With many of us having to cancel and postpone travel and holiday plans in 2020 and 2021, this is one that we can all take part in to try and bring in some good luck on the adventure front.


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