The Truffle Guys: Bringing Luxury Ingredients to Kitchens Everywhere

Truffles have long been associated with fine dining – an exclusive ingredient that has even been dubbed “the diamond of the kitchen”. Today, the unique flavour of truffles is making its way into the mainstream, but for many of us, this mysterious delicacy remains elusive.  

That’s where Truffle Guys comes in. Co-founders Rikki and Jordan are on a mission to make this premium ingredient accessible and adored by foodies everywhere. 

We caught up with co-founder Rikki Constantinou to find out more about Truffle Guys, the inspiration behind the brand, and the exciting plans they have on the horizon. 

How did the idea for Truffle Guys come about?

The idea came about by two friends with a real obsession with all-things-truffle. We searched high and low for a truffle supplier which was consistent in quality with a nice brand behind it and it was a real challenge.

“We wanted to change the game and introduce a cool brand that still maintains a luxury feel while being accessible for all.”

Where did the love of truffles come from and what makes them so special?

Many people’s first introduction to the truffle world is through a truffle pasta or pizza, or even truffle fries in a restaurant. For us, it was the same. Many years ago, we visited a famous Italian restaurant in London. When the truffle dish that we ordered was brought to our table and that intense unique aroma hit us like an explosion, we needed to find out more. The truffle itself is such an incredible ingredient and we were fascinated by its beauty. 

“There is an authenticity involved in our brand that no other competitor can offer.” Rikki Constantinou, Co-Founder, Truffle Guys.

What have been some of your biggest highlights and challenges?

For us, there have been so many highlights as we honestly love what we do, but the main highlight has to be the continuous positive response that we get from our customers as and when we launch new products. It seems we have built a community of truffle lovers, and this is amazing for our business. The challenges we face are no different from any start-up. Life is full of challenges and for us, it’s about overcoming them and learning as we grow.

What has been the best and worst advice you’ve received so far?

This is a good question. Let’s start with the positive… the best advice would be from a wise friend of ours who has many years of experience in business. He said: “make sure you believe in your plan and stick to it. No matter what happens, it will make sense in the end, and you will always keep your integrity”. The worst advice would have to be the same advice, as it is almost impossible to not sway off the path of a plan.”

“We have learned that you need to be dynamic and work with what is put in front of you. For example, the pandemic was a situation that none of us could have prepared for. During this time, we had to think on our feet and that is exactly what we did.”

What is it that makes the brand so unique?

Apart from the fact that so much time, attention, and investment go into our brand, it has to be the love we all have for what we do and what we create. We are so strict when it comes to product development and new releases that we simply will not offer it to our customers unless we love it ourselves. I guess with that, you get the Truffle Guys stamp of approval with anything that we launch. There is an authenticity involved in our brand that no other competitor can offer.

What does the rest of the year have in store for the Truffle Guys?

2022 is a big year for us and one that has started so positively. We have some new products being released very soon that have been in development for a number of months. I can’t reveal them all, but one I can… We are launching our Truffle Guys Crisps in May and we cannot wait. We honestly believe that they are the best truffle crisp we have tasted. We also have a planned ‘Truffle Tour’ which will run until November. Customers can check out our socials to see when and where we will be if they want to come and say “hi”! I will keep the rest quiet for now, but I am sure the Truffle Guys brand will be the most recognised truffle brand in more places than the UK come 2023.

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