Olverum’s  Top 4 Ingredient Combinations for Uniquely Restorative Rituals

Beauty & Grooming

Looking for an all encompassing self-care routine for true wellbeing and relaxation? Look no further than OLVERUM.

We spoke to their Head of New Product Development to learn what makes OLVERUM so special.

“We want to promote wellbeing from within and without. Accordingly, we blend unique and highly effective active ingredient combinations with complex fragrance structures for depth and harmony.” Tap through to explore OLVERUM’s 4 favourite ingredient combinations for the ultimate self-care experience.

Siberian Fir Needle X Rosemary X Geranium

We adore this combination of essential oils in our bath oil and salts to deeply relax and restore your essential you.

Bergamot X Amyris X Roman Chamomile

Relaxing and restful, we use these in our Pillow Mist to synergistically support user’s sleep cycles.

Papaya X Bamboo & Grapefruit X Fennel

Used in our Body Polish, this unique combination polishes both mechanically and chemically from without and contours aromacologically from within.

Paracress X Algae (Alaria Esculenta) & Grapefruit X Black Pepper

Used in our Firming Body Oil, these combinations preserve collagen and enhance its production while the scents sculpt and tone aromacologically.

With natural combinations such as these, it’s easy to see why OLVERUM is a beloved brand, and why they have been first choice for so many since 1931.